Friday, August 10, 2007

Thank God it's Friday... NOT!!!

Earlier "Thank God it's Friday" is what everyone would think when they woke up in their cool, air conditioned rooms with a clear mind, thinking of which mall or park they would go to but nowadays Friday is like a burden. Now everyone wakes up on Friday (in their cool, airconditioned rooms) but not with a clear mind but a polluted one thinking "Oh GOD! the heat, the traffic, the koondey AAAAHHHH. Why did I wake up?!!?!?" Uh, seriously.

Friday is a day which people use to finish household shopping, spend time with their family and do other stuff they couldn't normally do on the weekdays BUT they end up not doing any of that and instead stay stuck in the traffic all day long, start getting cranky and come back home (empty handed?)
Its the day which everybody dreads... the day fathers don't get to rest, the day mothers blood pressure goes high, the day kids wish they could spend their day and home rather than be dragged around by their parents everywhere.
Friday, they day you find no parking, they day you buy your Salik tag even though you would never need it again and the only day on which people keep koondey.

Gosh =[ Yeah I just didn't have a very good Friday. It was very dull- so black n white. Even all the pictures I took, I took ém B&W
Hope you had a Fun Friday =]

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Hanah Hamid said...

heyyy u finally blogged!its been so long since u did... i need to blog too but the nets a bit slow
so fridays are a burden. thankfully not for least not yet. friday is the day we stay at home...we go out on saturday or thursday to avoid the traffic.