Friday, June 22, 2007

I.... need.... to......bbloog *faints*

So this really cool new cafe just opened up in Dubai. Its this ice restaurant called 'Chillout' almost everything is sculpted out of ice. You sit on ice, eat on ice, eat and drink in ice plates and glasses.
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A Dh9 million (US $2.45 million) investment, the restaurant is Dubai-based Sharaf Group’s enterprise while technical inputs came from Canada-based Iceculture Inc, who are credited with building ice lounges around the world, informed a spokesperson for Sharaf Group
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Also, this really cool video I found on Yahoo!
My mom used to tell me about imagination, that if you wanted, you could imagine an elephant walking through the eye of a needle and when I saw this, I knew I had to show it to her and share it with everyone else too lol!
click here to watch!

Apart from that- theres nothing really new. I watched Shrek 3. very cute but not worth the dhs30 :S
Just created a new photoblog: Plog-O-skoon


mOi said...

hehe really got bored huh?
wow i cant believe they have a cafe made up of ice out here in dubai. but is it real ice or glass (cuz i didn't read the full article) cuz if its ice then brrrrrrr, n how can they forget bout fat ppl? would be really embarassing if the seat broke or melted due to pressure and heat.
n that microscopic artwork is sooooo amazing!!! i wonder how he does it! now lets go check that photoblog

Hanah Hamid said...

FINE! ill comment happy????
a cafe of ice... wow! first ski dubai now this.

Rodrigo said...
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Hanah Hamid said...

You Need To Blog *forces skoon to faint* lol

who is this rodrigo???

-Floo- said...

God knows... some guy whos probably advertising his blog or something :S