Friday, May 29, 2009

going, going, GONE

Yallah... I'm leaving.
I won't be updating this blog anymore.
blogging is just not my "thing"
It was fun for a while, and very addictive too...

but naaah,
I've been busy
drinking chai and stuff

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What's Punk?

"A guy walks up to me and asks 'What's Punk?'. So I kick over a garbage can and say 'That's punk!'. So he kicks over the garbage can and says 'That's Punk?', and I say 'No that's trendy!'

Also, this epic new musical just came out... its called REPO!
watch trailer here
and somebody buy me this please?


Friday, November 07, 2008


Why am I blogging? I have like, nothing to blog about. Even if I did, why would I blog about it? Even if I felt like blogging about it, how would I blog about it? Even if I knew how I would blog about it, I couldn't.
Because I'm having a blogger's block. do you know what that is? it's this.
But now that I've already started writing, I don't want to stop yet.

the jungle book Pictures, Images and Photos

I just finished watching The Jungle Book and I cried while watching it... I miss old Walt Disney movies so much<3 Remember? The Lion King, Aladdin, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Mulan, Anastasia? Disney used to be so so awesome back in those days and out parents would be ready to buy us all the Disney merchandise. anything we ever wanted. but now? what do little children scream and create tantrums for? Hannah Montana, High School Musical, Selena Gomez, The Jonas Brothers, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody!! haha, yes, I know names because my 11 year-old niece & her friends love these people. Their parents had to get their Disney channel subscription cancelled because their daughters were learning bad manners and impertinence from these tv shows... just my 2 cents. I would do anything to get to watch The Lion King or Mulan in theatres again. *sigh* here are some lovely avatars for you to use. I didn't make them, just stole them off photobucket:

Disney Pictures, Images and Photos Disney Pictures, Images and Photos Disney Pictures, Images and Photos
Disney Pictures, Images and Photos disney Pictures, Images and Photos Areal Pictures, Images and Photos
Disney Pictures, Images and Photos pan Pictures, Images and Photos Alice in Wonderland Avatar Pictures, Images and Photos
Beauty and the Beast Avatar Pictures, Images and Photos Aladdin Avatar Pictures, Images and Photos Aladdin Avatar Pictures, Images and Photos
Sleeping Beauty Avatar Pictures, Images and Photos Lion King Avatar Pictures, Images and Photos Lion King Avatar Pictures, Images and Photos
Lion King Avatar Pictures, Images and Photos Mushu Pictures, Images and Photos Mulan Pictures, Images and Photos
the lion king icon Pictures, Images and Photos Disney Pictures, Images and Photos Disney Pictures, Images and Photos
disney Pictures, Images and Photos disney icon Pictures, Images and Photos disney's &quot;hercules&quot; icon;. Pictures, Images and Photos

signing off,

ps: *sings* jungle jungle pata chala hai, chuddi pehen ke phool khila hai! phool khila hai!
haha. xD this was the theme song for The Jungle Book in Hindi. lol.
pps: I admit it! today, while my niece was watching youtube videos of the Jonas Brothers, I actually paid attention to the music which I used to think was utter crap. I realized it isn't all that bad... The songs have good beats, and even though Joe sounds like a boy who's just gone through puberty- they don't suck. They're definitely better than Tokio Hotel. *grimface* no, really.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

1 am blogging

I've kind of lost all my writing power cause we're freakin' being taught things like prepositions, clauses in English =S Anyway, I'll get to that later.
Since I got my camera, My blog became less important for me... and I realized that I hadnt blogged for two whole months when I read this: click
Whatever happens, im never ever going to let anything else come in between me and my blog *love*

Oh yeah, and I did finally get a SLR camera =) its awesome.
Then I joined university and made lots of awesome friends.
Then Miss Kitty's box of yay arrived. with my hand puppets, frankiebat, pockethluhu in it
Then it was Ramadhan- which was fun and more ibadah-filled as ever <3
Then there was Eid, which I didnt really enjoy much. except for spending time with my friend and watching lotms =D
Oh, and I've been plushing & drawing occasionally
and taking lots of pictures.
Then madressa started. & Im teaching LKG.

Today was the last day of our one-week eid holiday's, and university starts tomorrow.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Before I started typing, I was just sitting there thinking of how to start. Do you see what summer has done to me? My creativity is dying!
I have to say though, that this summer has been more productive than previous ones!
For one, I've been going swimming! And the other day, I bought myself oil pastels and shading pencils so I could start making some proper art on paper ^_^ I like what I did so far... I think im actually quite good at it! [/endpride]

Summer has also brought along with it my 4neices and a nephew. Thats 5 children living in one room- and that unfortunate little room is mine. All that hard work I put into organizing my bedroom has gone to waste. It is a total mess! And when I say mess, I mean ULTRAMESS!!!!!! I'm also spending an hour everyday to teach my neices/nephews Qur'an and discussin other Islamic issues which they need to know about... PLUS I achieved my goal of watching all of the movies and reading all the books that I couldn't throughout the year. :D

Summer season is also, apparently, Shaadi season. And when there's shaadi's, there's also shopping, spending hours getting ready & socializing! All these weddings are turning me into a freaking social animal! OH MY GOD. I am being brainwashed!
And this is the funny part, I do not know more than half of the people who are getting married. No offence though, but lady, I do not know who you are! so why am I invited to you wedding?
Congratulations&Mabrook to everyone (I know) who got married this summer =] Wishing ya'll a happy married life!

Peace out.

Saturday, May 31, 2008


I can't believe this. I have so much stuff. SO MUCH.
Stuff which includes rough/chat books, papers with silly jokes and doodles, text books, papers!, magazines, activity books, autograph/phone number books, photographs, trinklet boxes, files, accessories, stationery, diaries, phone books, toys, board games, scrapbooking material and a whole lot of other small and large things.

I have a whole shelf full of madressa textbooks, files, papers
and another shelf full of Mujtaba magazines
2 whole shelves full of school books
and 2 more shelves full of photographs!

...all this was buried in my huge cupboard! just lying there being of no use.
I look at that stuff everyday and I dont know what to do with it. I cant throw it away and I cant use it either.
So today, like 2 days before my exam, I chose to organize my cupboard. I threw away a lot of old books and papers which I didn't need. I stacked all the jewellery, stationery and tidbits into shoeboxes.
I need something on which I can display my stuffed toys, some kind of large bin where I can just dump my purses and something to hang my ties and scarves on.

So... im going shoopppiinnggg tonight! :D Im hoping to find one of those pigeon hole hangy net things.
I have my last exam on 13th June and I'm leaving for Iran on the 16th InshaAllah!
Unfortunately, my camera isn't working so i won't be able to take any pictures :(
That makes me a little sad, but atleast I'm going after such a long wait!

Now for more good news :D
My sister's kids are coming from California to spend their summer with us. I'm really happy, no doubt but I am slightly uh, unsure...
I'm seeing them after a really long time, what if they don't like me? Or what if they get all homesick and miserable? What if they start hating me? and worst of all, what if I'm never able to make friends with them and keep losing my temper? =/
oh, I am also getting my sisters old Canon Rebel!!! Its still working all proper and takes amazing pictures. Finally! It also means that daddy doesn't have to spend his hard-earned money on some camers I want and I can use the money that I saved up for other things... maybe some cushions or a proper side-table for my room =)

Peace! <3

Monday, March 24, 2008

What is up with these people nowadays??

Yeah so...
I'm not sure how to start this though =/
DISCLAIMER: this post is my views, my thoughts, my rants... Just so you know I am not an expert and I'm just thinking out loud.

What I don't get is... how all of sudden in the past erm, 5 years maybe? all these theories and doubts and opinions have come up about Azadari and Ibadah and whatnot from people who think they have the flippin' authority to make up fatwas!
I mean things like:
"Zanjeer Zani is Haraam"
"Nad E Ali is inauthentic"

both these statements have been proved wrong. yep.
these mistakes happen Just because of the few annoying so called self proclaimmed ayatollahs all over the internet and (this is true) in our own society brainwashing people against traditional and very authentic and halaal Shiáh Islamic practices.

We have people saying things like "We should stop having Alams, Mehndi, tabooth in our Azakhaanas. Its Haraam We should stop Zanjeer Zani and Qama Zani. it is Haraam!" Where were all these people last year? and then they claim that Marja's have forbidden it (NOT) and give some very superficial, baseless arguements against it all... the most common is "it gives people the wrong image about shiaism... that we worship Alams and tabooth and that we hurt ourselves" dude, it didn't give them a wrong impression for so many years, why would it give them a wrong impression NOW?? then... its "because of 9/11" lmao and the funniest thing is that after 9/11 there have been a majority of people converting to Islam/Shiaism even after seeing graphic zanjeer and Qama picture. IN YER FACE vatt you say now, huh??

If we Shiáhs can't agree on the one thing that keeps us united (Hussayniat and Azadari), I mean, i don't know what will happen now...
In Dubai itself we have atleast 5 different Shiáh groups:
1) The Neutral ones.
2) Ya Ali Madad/ Malangite
3) Akhbari
4) Anti-Azadari
5) I know better than you

Now, I will explain each of the groups as how I see them or have observed them.:
1) The Neutral ones....
People who pray, do azadari, live life. =]
Doesn't need much explanation.. does it??

2) Ya Ali Madad/ Malangite:
People whos life is alllll azadari! No Ibadah, no Namaz, No Hijab... just matam.
Have their own modified version of Religion, do it however you feel comfortable...
Instead of 'Salam Aleikum' they have 'Ya Ali Madad'... They're not Alavi's though.
and btw, this ain't the proper definition of Malang... just the extremely modified one =S the actual Malangs are people like Hassan Nasrallah, the marja's, Ahmedinejad and in the older days Malik E Ashtar, Salman E Farsi, Mesum E Tammar etc.People who would give their life for Imam Ali and who would be ready to take lives of people who insulted Imam Ali BUT the same people would control their anger and stop themselves if Imam ordered them to... The kind of people who would jump into a furnace without a question when Imam ordered them to.

3) Akhbari:
I don't know much about them but basically, they don't do Taqleed and um, curse and swear at Marja's and Ayatollah's.

4) Anti-Azadari:
AHA! the group I'm trying to aim with the whole post at... these are NOT, NOT the people who sit at the majalises and recite duas while the marsiyas are going on and suddenly jump up and listen when the recitor sits on the mimbar or who start panicking when they can hear the adhaan and it is time for prayer during the masaaíb (they're just people who belong in the Neutral group but prefer duas and tasbeeh more...)
BUT Anti-Azadari people are those who would rather stay at home reciting duás or praying rather than go to majlis because "those practices take place" Anti-Azadari people are those who claim that Zanjeer Zani and Qama Zani ar haraam and who WILL NOT FLIPPIN STOP trying to convince others that it is Haraam goooossshhh!!! D= leave us alone! People who try to discourage Alams, Mehndi, Tabooth, Oud, Jhoola etc and now that people have started to be easily convinced, they have started "preaching" more openly. But remember, the more you stop it, the more it will happpen... it will not stop. get that.

5) I know better than you:
People who are self proclaimed ayatollahs and think they can say anything they want and people will believe it...
I mean, because of these people, others have started doubting the authenticity of Nad E Ali, Dua E Tawassul and Dua E Kumayl... Unbelievable!!

I don't really know what I'm trying to say... Its just a rant. so yepp. I don't want it to be like this why cant we all be One. The Shiah of Ali. Why do we need to always oppose each others opinions. WHY WHY WHY ae we believing and getting brainwashed by the people who do not want any good for us?!?!? Why should you change your views about traditional and religious practices which have been going on for almost forever, now??
I'm not an expert at all this... but I know enough to tell that we will all end up fighting each other instead of fighting the enemies! and guess whos gonna appear later and later than Hes supposed to?

ps: PEACE YO!!! <3