Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Around the world in 45 minutes

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Finally found a picture of them painting the box :P

I never Imagined sitting in a cardboard box with three kids and screaming would be so much fun :D We started by finger painting graffiti and random stuff on the cardboard box, Me, Zakeeya (6), Zaira (2) and Rabab (1) waited impatiently for it to dry up so we could finally sit inside it.

We all managed to fit in the little aerobox, sitting in absurd positions on each others laps. The aerobox was ready for take-off, me and my co-pilot started by slowly flapping the wings of the aerobox and once it was suspended a little bit above the ground, we started flapping faster. Soon, we were flying in the clouds feeling the cool fluffy tasteless cotton candy on our faces- we left the aerobox on autopilot and enjoyed the beutiful view UNTIL the cabin crew reported that there was a stink bomb in the aerobox. As my co-pilot could not bear the smell, I alone had to make the emergency landing and deal with the evacuation of the aerobox and the elimination of the stink.
Within half-an-hour of Dexters' Laboratory, the aerobox was ready to fly again. We decided not to waste time and wanted to make it a happy and joyful trip. Our first destination was Africa, which we had to leave due to an elephant stampede. Next we went to the Sahara (centre) for some shopping but we spotted my computer teacher due to which we had to leave immediately and could not finish out grocery shopping. I advised my co-pilot to consult with the cabin crew as to what should be our next destination, they said Antarctica- where no computer teachers or big scary animals are to be found, only cute n cuddly polar bears. On landing in Antarctica, my co-pilot Zakeeya let out a shriek "OH NO SNOWSLIDE" (yeah she knows what they are, i told her to scream that :D) so once again, we could not enjoy our 3 minute trip to Antarctica... this was the worst aerobox trip ever :(
Zaira, one of our cabin crew members suggested Karbala, though she didnt really say anything she gave us a hint by humming the nauha "Jaane Wale Karbala Ke, Karbala Le Chal Mujhe" so I agreed with her saying 'Yes, What a safe place to go Zaira!' This trip took quite a long time because the nauhas kept coming one after another and we couldnt land unless the majlis was totally over... well, we finally landed with a big jolt and found ourselves and the aerobox floating on River Furat, as our aerobox was getting wet and starting to tear from the bottom we did the ziarat of the Haramayn with only our eyes and took off again to go back home. we were getting tired and were already late for dinner. *grumble* WHY IS THERE NO FOOD IN THE AEROBOX, I TOLD YOU NOT TO FORGET!!! co-pilot Zakeeya was screaming at the youngest cabin crew member who started sobbing silently then broke into tears. So anyway we landed safely in our room with a torn aerobox bottom with grumbly tummies and rushed to the dinner table to eat roti salan.

OOOoookkiii i sort of got really carried away with this. Yes, we did sit in a cardboard box and imagined flying all around the world though. But while writing this i got really really carried away... im not even sure if its even any good. *sigh* yay for imagination <3>


Hanah Hamid said...

wow floo! you shoudl publish a book for kids...maybe u can be another Enid Blyton! it was really fun reading ur adventure cos me n bhai used to sit in cardboard boxes and he used to be my taxi driver (i was a rich high-society lady) and we'd go everywhere from the eiffel tower to the bathroom! :P the best part was all the ladybugs we found. believe it or not but thats the only insect i have voluntarily let walk on my hand!

mOi said...

i really didn't know sittin in a cardboard box was soo much fun!! nice... now i finally y there is a pic of me n my cousin sittin in a cardboard box wen were like 2 or 3 years old (heck i dun even remember that happenin until i saw a pic n just wonderin y the hell am i in there?)
lolz, i remember wen i was small, my bros n sis used to take up bed forms n curve it into a dome n we would go zoomin in those tunnels! it was fun until they all grew too big for it

*s...z* said...

aww!! the pic just added ten times more to the cuteness of the story :D

Unpredictable-Shadow said...

Aww that was so cute and creative :D