Friday, April 20, 2007

O look who's 15 now

Bwa... my b'day was on the 17th but I couldn't blog because my computer had crashed.

A huge purple balloon popping over my head and the confetti flying all over at 12:00 midnight. My very first surprise b'day party :) There was confetti everywhere and I could hear many screechy loud voices singing 'the happy birthday song' and some screaming "SURPRISE!!!" for me as I came out of the loo. :P it was Sana and she had come with her whole family. There was cake-cutting and salawats and more of the the happy birthday song even though sang at a high pitch sounded like nice, melodious music to me. lol hehe <3 They stayed until 2 am to celebrate and we had a partehhh!
I even got loads of text messages from my friends. Gosh, I feel so lucky to have such friends!

The next day at school, all my classmates sang to me while i was standing in front embarrased and blushing... not sure whether to just stand there and listen or sing to myself lol. I got hand-made cards from all my friends, which I really really loved! And even a box of Galaxy jewels' from one :P :P

At home, I was getting ready to go to a movie with my sis-in-law but what I didn't know was that i had another surprise coming up (yay) I rang the bell and waited for my bhabi to open the door and when she did, my friends and cousins were all standing there in their 'we-have-to-surprise-her' positions and the second I entered, everyone screamed 'SURPRISEEE!" there were more people this time so it sounded louder. And again we had a party. I overate.

This was a really memorable birthday. Today, I realized how much everyone cared for me and that I never really give them back the love which they give me :/ Also, I never ever had anyone throw a surprise party for me but this time I had TWO! bwuhahaha <3

Otherwise, I have my finals coming up yeah the Exams, Examinations, Eggzams, Ex-ams, dumzams. Yeah whatever you call them. Those. so i might be going on a short hiatus or something... it won't be too long, maybe a month or so.

-sk00n =^.^=


Karachiite said...

hey there..
happy birthday!!!!

pam said...

oohhh!! happy birthday! may you many more to come. take care! =)

Unpredictable-Shadow said...

:D yummm galaxy! Glad you had fun MashAllah! Yeh i got exams too :( for like a month.

*s...z* said...

happy belatedddd birthday dear!
if only i didnt have the dislocated elbow, i wudve kept track of when the 17th went by-sighhh.....
sorry i missed wishing u but needless to say, my dua;s for yr success and happinesss alwayss!!

-Floo- said...

Thanks Kareachiite, Sadaf Apa and Pam!! <3

:D yummm galaxy!
yeah I have one chocolate in like two days so they would last longer :P lol

Caz said...

Thanks for the sweet comment! Wow, it sounds like you had an awesome birthday! :) I've been great thanks, but the past few weeks have been really busy for me. Take care and have a great week! <333

Hanah Hamid said...

ok u keep complainin i didnt comment so heres a reminder: i was at ur surprise bday party so i said happy birthday so many times that day! :P

Thaqalain said...

A late happy birth day from me too.