Monday, March 05, 2007

OMG leaving soon

I'm leaving for Karbala in about 2 hours!
God, I feel suddenly so lucky because I wasn't gonna go .. because of all the school work and because its 10th grade, like one of the two most "vital" years in school.
And even till yesterday I was still hanging and well, swinging from here to there. Whether I should go or not- I never really chose a side. It just happened and now I'm going.

I think when you have the bulaawa (invitation) everything just happens by its self without any effort from your side.
This was so sudden and it happened so quick but I still got time to complete all my shopping and my tayyari and all my school work!

anyways, I gotts to go now.
So thats all,
InshaAllah next blog entry in another ten days hehe. and also my diary entries with short video clips! :O :O :O
Sakina :]


Caz said...

Thanks for the sweet comment! Lol, my first pixels were awful. D: I didn't know how to shade or anything, and most of my first pixels were really simple. If you keep practising, you'll improve! :) Take care. <3

Karachiite said...

hey there..

i think u r back by now.. :)

hope u remembered us in ur prayers..

inshaAllah zyarat qubool..