Monday, February 26, 2007

Flag from Karbala

An uncle (Ghulam Damji) had borrowed the original flag that flies above Haram E Imam Hussain (AS) in Karbala for two days and Alhamdulillah! I got to do the ziyarat of it on 15th Feb 2007.

We had a majlis at home at 11:00pm and I went to sleep during the majlis. When it was over, at about 1:00 my best friend Sana tried waking me up, in return I hit her. But when she said, that the Flag from Karbala was here in Dubai at some uncle's house. I sprang up with excitement and got ready to leave!
I went all geared up with my hiladene wale photography skills and my camera!
We didnt know what to expect until we entered the room and there was the huge red flag on a long table. My first thought when I entered the room was "Wow! Im so lucky... Thanks to Sana otherwise I'd be sleeping right now while everyone else got such a wonderful ziyarat!" I'd never imagined that so randomly, so suddenly someone would wake me up in the middle of the night and take me to do Ziyarat of the Flag from the roza of Imam Hussain (AS) and that too, in Dubai! How unusual hehe

So we got there and Shams Kanani (who was also there) told us the significance of the flag and we also recited two nauhas. We got to spend alot of time there Alhamdulilah... stayed there atleast an hour all by ourselves.

The flags significance is that 70,000 angels go through it to get to the zari and before it is put up it is rubbed against the zari. Also, he told us that they never wash this flag and told us that if we wipe our tears on it, our tears will stay there forever and when we go to Karbala, we can look at the flag and think 'I wiped my tears on that'... wow.

okay time for my hiladene wale pictures and video clip!

Pic 1 ~ Pic 2 ~ Pic 3 ~ Pic 4 ~ Pic 5
Pic 6 ~ Pic 7 ~ Pic 8 ~ Pic 9 ~ Pic 10
Watch the video!

sk00n =^.^=-


MEKAEEL said...

you're so lucky to get this chance!

as they say: hanee2n lakum

*s...z* said...

like i mentioned before - a great and valuable post!
we want more of these - so that we too get to learn from your eyes and soul, the value of these wonderful things!

JazaakAllah khair dear
bless u,

Karachiite said...

alhamdulillah me too got the chance.. :)
and i've never been to Karbala..inshaAllah, if God wills..