Sunday, February 18, 2007

Razzmatazz and lotsa other stuff.

First things first, I got a new cellphone!
aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhkiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyomgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!! :O
My brother bought me a 5200!
I love it, its very cute and chic.
*excited scream*

Okay ... so today was the Razzmatazz Carnival thing at school and it sucked, it was soooo boring! There was nothing good to buy, eat or play and the only good things were the dances (most of which I missed) so I had a crap day.
I bought freaking vouchers worth dhs 90 and then I realized, I has nothing to spend them on. Great, What a waste of money!!!
So, I figured that I'd better buy something before all the stalls got closed. But guess what? they were already closed. People were packing up all their stuff a hour and a half earlier!
The only stall left was the Disney one and I'd already gotten two things from there. I ended up getting everything else from there as well. So I bought two shower gels- a spongebob one for myself and Darth Vader for my bother. I got my neice a Barbie lipgloss set and I bought 4 superman toothbrush for Danu, Mohammed, Asghar and Ahmed <3>

Also, Its so sad how parent are SO clueless about what their kids do in school!! I mean I saw at least 3 girls... the minute their dads car went out out sight, their hijabs and abayas flew away hawa ke jhokey se >.< [x].Sad.[x]

Oh well, I've learnt three things,
1) Its no use crying over spilt milk- I was crying today because I was feeling guilty that I wasted so much money without thinking!
2)Think before you leap- I beg myself
3)Never, NEveR miss a good majlis for a dum event your school has organised

Sk00n =^.^=


pam said...

boo, i can't see your new cellphone!

we ditched the food too and ate at mcdo's in al bustan. haha!

mOi said...

once again i m proud to say
"i m glad i didn't come on the carnival!" :D hehe

Ali Imran said...

You got your cell phone link wrong; double http:// in it, lol.

I missed my graduation for a wafat majlis *hijabi* and cuz' I didnt want to shake the VP's hand :P so it was a good reason :P

-Floo- said...

Lol, is your VP female?
I missed my sports day yesterday :P

Karachiite said...

floo.. i know ur school v well...!!!!

heheh... anywho.. yes.. never miss majlis for any reason..

*s...z* said...

This is great for kids - nauha's of shahid baltistani done by a Girl in birmingham called Fatemah ladak.(he composed and mentored her to do these) you can download the tracks from
(sorry - off the topic..but was excited to post it SOMEWHERE!) so i chose HERE...
du'as galore X

-Floo- said...

Fatemah ladak.
Yep The first nauhas I heard of 2007 were hers. She has a beautiful voice, MashaAllah!

YAy! I have finally updated the Karbala blog! Added diary entries from last years 'Arafah trip!