Saturday, February 10, 2007


Since Rabia has been so constantly blogging about her current obsession with photography, I thought why not blog about my obsession with photgraphy? bwuhahaha

I loved clicking pictures since I was 7 or 8. I remember I wasn't baligh when I got my first camera :P And it was one of those disposable ones with like 30 pictures or something... I finished the whole roll in one day! Took pictures of everything, Flowers in my uncle's backyard, their swimming pool, my cousins, the food. I just kept clicking away :D
Then when i was about 11, my brother had this digicam which he had been using for about a year... I kept borrowing it from him to take pics and it stopped working after a while (because of excessive use hehe)
And when I was 13, I got a Panasonic Lumix which I still use. Already, its zoom has gotten messed up.

But I know nothing about photography. nothing, zero, zilch, sifr, nada! I don't know nothing about angle, perspective, colors, lighting, focus. I just take pictures as a hobby, a passion. I just keep clicking. I like capturing the beauty of Allah (SWT)'s creations, I like capturing all the precious moments possible.
Like Our trips to Iraq, Zaira's first time brushing her teeth, Zaira without hair, Rabab playing with the phone, Zakeeya acting silly :P, Pictures of trips to Istanbul :D

I just need a good enough camera with better features... even though I'm not sure what sort of features I want. I just need one which can take better focused and clear pictures.
So yeah, conclusion- i want a new camera


Oki, so I finally submitted a few pictures on DeviantArt
go checky them outy:
*Through Cracked Glass
*The Guests
*And the Host
*With Her purse

All four pics are from my trip to Iraq for 'Arafah
Sk00n <3>


mOi said...

hehe the history of floo the fotogirl! :P
u can find lots of tutorials about photography on deviantart
i like the lady with the purse, it could have been better with a wide angle zoom, the picture could have been propotioned to 3:5 and u could use adobe photoshop to add a tint of yellow n a little high contrast which could give a dramtic effect.O_o wow thats alotta stuff hehe

-Floo- said...

better with a wide angle zoom
Aaand how do I do that? o_O

been propotioned to 3:5
on photoshop, you mean?

lol ... now you get what I mean when I say 'i don't know anything' ?

clouds said...

gah. they look great!

erm, i can't give a constructive comment like rabia because, seriously i don't know much about photography.

but really, they all look nice and professional-sy. ^^

Anonymous said...


Thanks for reading my blog! Now how exactly can I link to yours?

-Floo- said...

but really, they all look nice and professional-sy. ^^
Awww thanks a bunch!!!

Thanks for reading my blog! Now how exactly can I link to yours?
Go tot he page where you edit your template... and theres like something which says- add page element. Add a link -_-