Wednesday, February 07, 2007

This is so unfair!!! :O

Over the sufra, during dinner, all 6 ladies were discussing sons and daughters ... and how everyone wants a son. Those who had sons were boasting about them and those who didn't were wishing that they had a son :/

I was there too, sitting and listening.
i sat and ate
and i listened
and i sat and ate
and i listened
i sat
i listened
and ate.
i kept sitting and listening and eating.
Then I couldn't take it anymore!

"Whyyy does everyone want boys OMG!>?!?! argh! Whats wrong with us daughters? Are only sons worthy of praise? This Isn't fair!!!" :O

Then I went back to sitting, listening and eating...
because there are some things you cannot change- like the fact that everyone wants sons and no daughters!

-sk00n =^.^=
ps- what do you think?


*s...z* said...

its not as bad as u think dear; sometimes, its just to break-the-ice convo's..
mostly, parents cherish daughters because theyre liable to take more care of them despite the fact that they get married off - than their sons who stay with them..

experience says it all..
i think u were sitting amongsts newly-weds or
don't let it get to you


-Floo- said...

lol ... i know i used the wrong word. :P I was really annoyed >.>
I edited it ... unfair. But its as bad as racism. grr.

i think u were sitting amongsts newly-weds or
na-ah, no I wasn't.

mOi said...

they say men n women r equal
but i dun see the difference if we compared now n before...its just that girls r not being buried alive anymore, but mostly everythin is the same
i hate the fact the guys r more favoured than girls...but this is the world, the world is unfair, u cant change that
\m/ girls rule!

clouds said...

ouch. that kinda hurts. i wouldn't be able to just shut up and listen to them go on and on either.

but hey, parents loves us daughters too. =)