Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Stab Stab, Youre Dead!

so today in school the day went pretty good ... pretty normal.
until we went to our buses ...
someone came and told us that there was an attempted murder in school!!! :O
i was so shocked ... i didnt believe her at first ... i mean something like this in our schoool?!?!!?!?

right so ... it happened in the morning in Bus no 33
a 9th grade guy stabbed a guy in the 10th in his stomach
They were in some sort of fight since 3 days and today this guy brings a knife to school ... gives him a cut on his hand and neck then stabs him in the stomach ... throws the knife on the conductors seat and runs out of the bus LAUGHING!

thats the reason why the bus came so late ... a girl in my class came in the 2nd period but she didnt tell us about this she told us that the bus had an accident.
the guy who got stabbed is in the hospital now and the other one was taken away by the cops :/
i dont know if this is true or if the people were exaggerating . one of the girls said that there was blood on the bus... inside and on the floor and that there was blood on the conductors shirt
jeeez i cant even imagine something like that happening... that too in front of everyone and in front of the little KG kids ... ugh

I believe that guy probably had a mental problem or something ...
i mean he was laughing after stabbing that guy ?@
and the school was hiding it from everyone ... yeah AS IF no one was gonna find out
everyone knows about it now ... it might come in the papers tomorrow

im still so shocked and well it soooo sad omg :(


mOi said...

well all i heard was that someone stabbed someone in bus 33 thats it
although i did see a police officer in the bus area, he was standin at some corner...but seriously if the guy ran out laughin he must be really crazy O_O

Ambreen M Ahmed said...

Yeah...this is a very sad incident. My bro told me about it. It did come in the papers and I don't like the kinda bad publicity the school is getting which is based on one spoilt mind.

-Floo- said...

it figures that some of the girls were exaggarating and the guy didnt get hurt that bad and was discharged from the hospitalby noon ...
ch tis sad.
oh well ... the topic sort of dropped itself no ones talking about it anymore

Sarah said...

Wow, that is scary... What the hell are people thinking, uff, I just don't understand murderers!! grrr... Well thank goodness you weren't there and you are safe!!

-Floo- said...

^aww Sank you ... thats sweet of you *wub*
anothing thing i heard, they were fighing over a silly thing and well the other guy just took out a knife from his bag and slashed him :/

-Floo- said...

ive updated the Kerbala blog. alot!
i dont know if anyones reading it though cause im no ones posting any comments :S

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