Saturday, October 14, 2006

Ya Haider!

"O men and women! Allah is my Mawla. I am the mawla of the faithfuls. I have a clear authority over their souls, And of whomsoever I am the mawla, Ali is his mawla. O Allah! Love him who loves Ali, hate him who hates Ali."

The words of the Prophet echoed throughout the masses on the day when Islam was perfected on the plains of Ghadeer. The successor of the Prophet [pbuh] was no other than Imam Ali ,a man who was the commander of the faithfuls, the door to the city of knowledge and the first illuminary of the Divine leadership. The companions pledged their allegiance to him as their leader after the Prophet of Islam .. But what happened after the demise of the Prophet was a sad reality..

The pledge broken and forgotten... The Leadership taken away from its rightful owner... And the door to the house of Lady Fatima [sa], where the Prophet of Islam would come and send salutations on the People of the House, was burnt.. Son of Fatima [sa], Mohsin was martyred before even being born.. The brother of the Prophet was dragged from his house with his hands tied.. Imagine O followers of the Ahl ul Bayt [as] the tragedies he had witness in only a few weeks or so after the demise of the Prophet ..

And then came that hour when his wife Lady Fatima (sa) also departed from this world.. The rose of Mohammad [pbuh] that shared his fragrance with the world departed from this world weakened and withered..The husband of this great Lady remained patient in this hour of sorrow.. He buried her in a place which remains hidden and that hidden grave is what the lovers of Fatima seek.. O my Master Al Mahdi [ajtf] hasten so you may reveal the grave of your Grandmother and bring peace to the hearts of the lovers of Ahl ul Bayt .

Tragedies and sorrow fell upon him continously yet he remained steadfast and had faith in Allah. To Him he turned in time of sorrow and in time of need.. To Him he spoke about his loss and his sorrow..

And then came the 19th night of the month of Ramadan..Darkness and sorrow had descended upon the city of Kufa. My Imam leaves his house, the cries of the birds could be heard out aloud it was as if everything in the nature knew what was to happen.. The call of prayers sounds in the alleys of Kufa, the inhabitants gather for the morning prayers.. Imam Ali leads the prayers and while he is in prostration to his Lord, the posionous sword struck the head of the Imam and he calls out in satisfaction to his Lord: فزت ورب الكعبة (By the Lord of Ka'bah, I have succeeded).. At that moment a voice echoed from the heavens above..the earth shook, it was like the whole world had fallen in grief for the loss of this great man. The people of Kufa gathered around the house of the Imam [as], lamenting and crying for a man who looked after them so affectionately now is on the verge of leaving them.

He instructs his last will to his son Al Hasan , and gives him the authority of the Imamat. He bids farewell to Lady Zainab and Lady Umme Kulsoom and to Al Abbas and Al Husayn while in his eyes reminiscing about the events that is to follow his martyrdom, the event where his son Al Hasan will be poisoned and he would be martyred twice, the events of Karbala and of Kufa and Damascus, events where his daughters will be bought to the palace of the oppressor with no veils on their heads and their hands tied. O followers of Ahl ul Bayt imagine the grief of this departing father, he endured every sorrow with patience and faith in Allah.

And then that hour came when the first light of the Imamat was extinguished, when another member of the family of Ahl ul Bayt departed this world. The children of Mohammad were orphans, grief had once again struck the People of the House...The followers wept as the news spread about his martyrdom among the people of Kufa.. It was like as if the whole city had been orphaned in a night... In the heavens the angels lamented, the Prophet is in sorrow and sadness, Lady Fatima [sa] cried for her beloved husband... And today my Imam, my master Al Mahdi [ajtf] cries tears of blood at times on the plains of Karbala, at times amongst the ruins of Askariya, at times amongst the pilgrims of Najaf and at times on the hidden grave of Fatima [sa]..

Ya Sayedi! ya Imam!O my master, O my mawla return for the winds of Najaf cry for justice..
Ya Mahdi Adrikni.. Ya Abu Saleh Adrikni..

^i read that on ShiaChat and i really liked it ... written by bro 'A Follower'
i went to a majlis today ... and i usually dont cry in the masaib or anything i didnt this time either but during the maatam i started crying and then i started missing Kerbala and Najaf and i remembered masjid e Kufa and the majlis we had when it was all empty ...
i started crying even more and really really wanted to go back
i would do anything to go back right now :'(
theyre showing Najaf, live on Al Furat and i SO BADLY want to be there right now.

something else i found on ShiaChat ...
its a poem this time by sis Hellotoyou:

The day has gone and a light can be seen
I'm tracing the footsteps of Imam Al Mutaqeen
Ya Rahmaaaaaaan Ali lowers his head to prostrate
No fear in his heart, yaseen on his lips he knows his fate

The night is cold and the moon is suddenly shy
Even the sky is kissing the leader of the faithful goodbye
Be Wilayati Ka YA ALI YA ALI How humble, how devoted, how submissive is ALI
How brave, how courageous, how daring is ALI
Those who stood infront of Ali did not dare defy the will of Allah (SWT)
A strike from Ali is worth more than the worship from now till Qayamah
I can suddenly hear Kufa, "Qad Qaamatis Salaaaaaaaah"

The masjid is silent and engaged in prayer
Hidden in the shadows is a deceitful slayer

Allah Hu Akbar................Ali completed his wudhoo
Stand again.......... only to go into rukoo
To our creator we submit and to him we concede
Ali bent down to perform his last deed
and the heart of Bibi Zainab beating in grief
the sword of Ibne Muljim rose upon the head of the wali and our belief
and the orphans that would be Imam Hassan and Imam Hussain
knowing that he will be lying on arrows on kerbalas hot and sandy plain

the fateful strike came down and the sword turned to red
Ali in sajdah, did not rise and this is what he said
By the Lord of the Ka'bah, I have succeeded!
AS the coward ran, "Allah SWT it is only to you I have pleaded"
Take me to Kawther, so I may stand infront of your shah
So I can bow and say "As Salam Alayka Ya Rasoolullah"

Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilay hi Rajeeon Look at the sky!! and its half dipped red blooded moon
Echoes from medina OH MY BELOVED ALI
Kabaa has split once more OH MY BELOVED ALI
for blood has been spilled and masjid e kufa is empty and bare
Jibrael is crying....Oh master of redemption Oh master of prayer
Where is that noor that lifted khaybar and rose his zulfiqaar
Where is the charging lion of god, Ya Haider E Karrar
Where is the commander of the faithful, Ameer Al Mo'meneen
I can hear the cries from heaven, Peace be upon you Ya Syedata Tinisail Alameen.

Allah Huma An Qatalal Ameerul Mo'meneen
May Allah SWT forever curse the enemies of the Ahlulbayt!!!!

this poem really bought tears to my eyes
its sort of long but it sooooo BEAUTIFUL :'( :'(
i miss Najaf even more now.


Anonymous said...

Did you know that on the nights of Qadr, it is destined whether we are to perform ziyaarat or hajj for the following year?

I prayed so much tonight that my name be enlisted amongst the zaa-ireen of Kerbala, Najaf & SAMARRAH too - for the following yr, with you and YOUR FAMILY :)

They tuned live onto Furaat and Anwaar during aamaals in satwa, you was heart warming..

Now just longing to be THERE soon!
pray for me..doing the same for and du'as!
S x Apa

Ya_Baqiyatullah said...


Inshallah you are well

Thanks for adding my article on your blog.. May Allah bless you and accept your prayers and hajjats during these great nights of Layltul Qadr inshallah


-Floo- said...

Sadaf Aapa: hah wow no i didnt ... oh well i hope I'm destined to go too! InshaAllah!! i so badly want to go to Samarrah and Kazmain. we havent been able to go for like 2 years :/

They tuned live onto Furaat and Anwaar
yeah i was watching it too and i recorded it :] and i was reciting Joshan e Kabeer with them ... my aamaals this year were so AwEsOmE. prob the best ever!

doing the same for you
Sank you ... i prayed for you too!

Ya Baqiyatullah:
awee tis my pleasure ... your article was so good ... i HAD to add it *wub*

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