Saturday, September 23, 2006

Ramadhan Kareem!

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Salaam Aleikum!

Ramadhan has started today in Dubai ...
so yeah Ramadhan Kareem everyone! :)
hope everyone has an awesome ramadhan! and may everyones prayers be
answered and sins forgiven, InshaAllah!
remember tis the month when your thawaab is multiplied by a hundred times (and so are your gunaahs!!!)

i havent blogged for so long ... so heres news :
*school has started and now im in the 10th grade *proud* -_-
and we have just 3 new kids in class ... its all the same nothing has
changed much except for a few teachers ...
now that Ramadhan has started school is gonna start late & finish
early yay!
*and madressa has started too ... but now we're 'Sr. 5' were not
'teachers training (2nd year)' anymore :( yeah hehe but whatever ...
and we have this really nice new teacher ... shes cool
*got back from Iraq last Friday
it was great and we did ziyarat really araam sei and it was Shaban so we even had meelads and stuff ...
and it was a beautiful sight on the Shab of 15th Shaban
*and the worst news of all ...
life has become just the same ... back to the same old boring routine
THIS SUCKS!!! :( :( :(

khair ...
Ramadhan Kareem once again
skoon :)


Sarah said...

So you're back from Iraq?!

RAMADHAN MUBARAK!!! :) May you have a great month and may your duas be answered InshAllah! :o)

Sarah said...

Oh, sometimes routine can be good... Means that InshAllah nothing bad is happening, right? hehe

-Floo- said...

Yeah im back :)

Means that InshAllah nothing bad is happening, right?
but nothing good is happening either :(

Sarah said...

aww... well, hey, boring is better than bad! That's what I try to convince myself. Same boat, hehe

-Floo- said...

boring is better than bad!
yeah i guess :/

Sarah said...

lol that's a funny picture!!!

*s...z* said...

omg i didnt know that the 'senior 5' was becoming such a sensitive issue..i heard the other girls also say 'we're SENIOR 5 now :('
well ima gonna surprise u guys this week then :)

for motivations' sake :D
lovess...and du'as
S x apa

-Floo- said...

^yeahh good good! :D
those audio clips were really funny :P he speaks way too fast for me to understand though -_-

audio clips bole to yaad aaya ... you told us you would send Rayyan's audio clips to us as well (last year) remember?

Oz said...

Saki-NAAAAAAAAAA! Where art thou?

-Floo- said...

^youre the one who never replies to my emails :( and youre asking me 'where art thou?'
katttttiii :(

*s...z* said...

sakina jaan, please change the link to my blog on the 'Sadaf Aapa' blog:

and i was just reading the kerbala glad u got pics and details up there - makes me feel i was really THERE with u alls..
missed it
but glad u prayed on my behalf..
love and du'as,S x apa

-Floo- said...

^oh yeah ... i changed it :]
i have to edit the blog lekin theres no time and theres this corrupted file on my computer so the computer restarts every 10-15 minutes D=
theres soooooo much left to blog still ... but i cant do it until my computer gets back

UmmZahra said...


You know I didn't think of Shaytan when I saw this. I thought of people escaping the long days and summer heat and going someplace where the days are shorter and its not hot to fast. LoL

MAN, I'm slow...