Sunday, September 03, 2006

Time to gooo :P

We're leaving for Iraq in less than 12 hours!!!
I can hardly wait ... :D
but im sooooooo tired ... :(

btw .. aik bad news hai aur aik good news hai
first the bad news:
Sadaf Aapa isnt coming :/
she was sooooo sad.. tch
I said ke InshaAllah she can come next year with me & Nabbu :P
now the good news:
This uncle openofied a net cafe in the hotel ..
so now i can blog from there! *wub* (
cool innit?

yep that IS it ... i wont blog here anymore... not until i come back from Iraq
Ima blog on 'The Kerbala Diaries' so keeeep watching tha space!

sk00n :]


Sarah said...

WOW, Iraq!! Hope you have an awesome, fun and safe time there, InshAllah!!! Wanna hear all about it when you get back :D

Anonymous said...

iraq? =S

u wanna die?

-Floo- said...

u wanna die?

-Floo- said...

u wanna die?

-Floo- said...

I got back from iraq last Friday ...
schools started ... but im really tired and i dont feel like blogging so yeah ...
btw updated the kerbala Blog :)