Thursday, August 24, 2006

Big houses and Hummers :]

I wanted to blog about this yesterday but my computer crashed :(
im sitting here in this noisy comouter institute 'blogging'? :O
yep ... hehe

so anyways ...
yesterday we were in the car on our way to the airport cause we had to pick someone up ...
so anyway ... i was talking to Zakeeya my 6 yr old neice ... and you know how six year old kids are ... they always want you to repeat the same old boring things ...
and she started talking about something which we talked about a loooonnnggg time ago so heres how the conversation went (it went pretty far)

Zakeeya : hey phuphu remember ... when we all grow up we will buy Hummers?
Me : hmm yeah we will
we'd decided mine was gonna be yellow, hers red, Zaira's (neice no2) black, Rabab's (neice no3) white ... by the way Zaira is 1 and Rabab is just 5 months ...
Zakeeya : Well have the same number plates okay?
Me : okay .. hows 7878?
Zakeeya : no 333?
Me : naw 9547
Zakeeya : nooo 3806
Me: wait .. hows 110?
Zakeeya : yeah yeah
Me : okay good! :D
and then we got carried away ... EVEN ME!! lol
Zakeeya : acha phuphu where we live
Me : we'll buy a big apartment and we'll all live together all 4 of us
Zakeeya : yah yah ... but what about our children? (LOL!!!)
Me : you want children ?
Zakeeya : 10 *shows 10 fingers*
Me : thats too much ... 1
Zakeeya : no
Me : not more than 3
Zakeeya : why?
Me : because we have to work and even our husbands will work who will look after our children
Zakeeya : yeah yeah *nods head* youre right ...
Me : okay so when we work right ... well save up sooooooooo much money ...
Zakeeya : hmm
Me: and when we get rich ... we'll do some chota mota job and go shopping everyday ...
Zakeeya : but i want to teach ...
Me : then you wont get to go shopping
Zakeeya : *is quiet ... * okay i wont teach ...
Me: mm good see then when we are rich you can get married and have 10 children okay?
Zakeeya : Yeah yeah *big smile* lol
Me: hmm then if we have sooo many children then our house will be so small ..
Zakeeya : yeah well buy a villa ... with 2 floors!!! and stairs!!!
Me: okay thats a good idea and when out children become 13 .. we'll buy them a house next to ours ...
Zakeeya : yeah if its vacant (lol) ... okay finish na?
Me : yeah and we lived happily ever after :)
Zakeeya : yeah but how will we remember this?
Me : write it down
Zakeeya : okay ... ill hide it in my perfume box ... and when someone asks me .. 'what is that' ill; tell them 'nothing very special' okay? *excited grin*

lol yeah so that was it ...
haha ..
lets hope all this come true lol ;]
-Sakina :]


Sarah said...

lol How cute... But she's wayyy too young to be thinking about having kids!! Oh my goodness!!! I'm 23 and I can't even imagine talking about having kids!!! Ewww *no* lol...

and you know how six year old kids are ... they always want you to repeat the same old boring things ...

lol So true!!

-Floo- said...

lol ... yeah me neither ..
she's only wanted '10' kids after she watched Cheaper by the Dozen

I can't even imagine talking about having kids!!! Ewww *no*
hehe yeah me neither .. not really :/

mOi said...

woah, 10 kids well she could tips from my mom lol my family is big!!! hehe shes soo little and has her life all planned out n here i am sill tryin to figure out wat to do the next min, XD small kids r sometimes truly inspiring. jk* hehe

thepatri0t said...


So cute!

Elwiya said...

Awww ... that's soo cuuutteeee.

Kids ... they say the darndest things.