Monday, August 21, 2006

Long Time No Blog :)

I havent blogged for soooo long ... well lotsa stuff has happened while i wasnt blogging :D

so ... it figures that the bareeze ka kapra was too less for a gharara so im making one out of my moms Sari instead :] its pink too!
yeah ... its as pretty as the Bareeze ka kapra ...

Anyways GUESS WHAT?!!
my dad got a PMP (portable media player)!!! *excited scream*
i can even watch movies on it :O

so yesterday i went to Bhaijaan's new clinic ... (hes opening his own ... cool innit?!)
its looks liek sooo awesome ...
The reception .. is lemon yellow/green-ish, his office is 2 shades of blue and his 'operation room' is grey and orange & grey! its my favourite room :]
and the chair looks so awesome cause its orange too ...

ill post pics of it when its all done ... :]



mOi said...

damn u Floo, i wish i had a portable media player T_T
n the clinic sounds nice :D i mean usually its kinda dull colours but this sounds funky fresh XD

-Floo- said...

^lol thanks ^_^
hehe :D