Friday, May 12, 2006

Some Old Stuff (2)

Fizza baji just got a daughter yesterday [12:30 i guess] Gawd shes such a sweety and she was so tiniiiieeeee !!!
heheh =P
*kissez to Syeda 'something' Fatima [they didnt choose the something part yet =)]

lol ... today our classroom was like soooooooo chaotic ... it was like everyone screaming from one end to the other ... hey 'warda' shut up ...'hey maha.... stop it. '
Amna - 'HANZADA stoooppp it hurts
'then the teacher 'GIRLS SHUT UP !!!
'we cant hear her .... hahaha ....
teacher again 'AMNA PUT the basketball DOWN' ...
amna - 'what maam i cant hear you'
teacher - 'I SAID PUT THE BALL DOWN ...
'HAnzada continues to hit her
Amna - 'Hanzada stop it ... maam LOOK' [hits HANZADA BACK]
[Sidra comes and helps Amna - hits Hanzada]
Teacher gets frustated ....nobody listens
we all start laughing our heads off
scene 2 -
LAst PeriodI'm trying to complete geography notes ... cant find my pens ...
me - 'hanzada, black pen - angelica, blue pen - sidra, pencil !!!''jaldi jaldi ive to complete work'
Hanzada - 'Miss Josephfinnnneeeeeee'
Teacher - 'ufff take this girl away from me' =P
Everyone pulls Hanzada away - dosent budge
Warda (the nerd) - Sakina .... whaat are yuoor Anglish marks ... weel you plaese tall me?
Sakina - sorry i didnt get what you said
warda - repeats
sakina- oh k i got 12 i guess
warda - aukay thaank you ... yas Hayam
huyam - my names huyam not hayam
warda - aukay ,... hayum ...
huyam - its HUYAM not hayum or hayam
warda - aukay ... whaut are your Anglish marks......
bleh bleh ... conversation goes on*bell rings*
sakina (me) - OH SHIT ! maaann ... maam ... i couldnt complete the work can i give it on sat
teacher - ok you, zehra, sidra, humeirah and the others give it to me on saturday
sakina - yaaayyy .... *muah* =P

ufff .... im so tired ...i .... need ... sleeeeeep .... *zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*

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