Friday, May 12, 2006

Some Old Stuff

okay ... this is some old stuff from my old blog ... which i want in this blog to .. cause umm ... dunno blah =)

lollzzz.... morning madness
well... lets say ... i went to sleep while studying fiqh ... and i was dead tiredso any waywhen my mom woke me up for fajr prayers - sakina utho chalo nammaz parhna hai !
Sakina - okay ,... magar calculator ka hai (neend mei) ?
mom - calculator kyun hona ?
sakina - mereku pictures dekhna hai
mom - calculater me pictures nai dekhte betaaa
sakina - dekhte mummy !!! mei aapku boli na do bolke !!!
mom - acha ok ok
My mom goes out and gets me the calculator
I had gone to sleep again
mom - yeh lo ... laadi calculator. ab utho namaaz ke liye
sakina - kyun laye calculator ?
mom - tum bole na
sakina - are mummy ... okaaaayyyy
mom - acha ab jao !
sakina - okaay
--- the end ---
bwahaha .... funny ? nooo ... ?
something like this happened to nabeela (madressa friend) too .... we were like i guess studying fiqh makes us go crazyyyiiieee !

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