Thursday, May 18, 2006

Bad Day =S

Today was sooo awful ...
i feel like a piece of crap ...
i feel so ... blah!

Floo's A Series of Unfortunate Events:
1. my nose started bleeding at 2 in the morning
2. when i woke up for madressa my eye was like totally swollen up ... like baw ... and it was itching like hell .... its still itching =(
3. Almost missed my madressa bus
4. the coke i was drinking spilled all over me when the bus took a sudden 'jump'
5. (oh most important) ---> there was a Quran test today ... but i studied for it so yeah
6. We ate more chips packets then we're supposed to ... and got busted ... because they were supposed to be for the teachers and we didnt know
7. my exam was awfuuulll ... im gonna flunk =( ... i know everything so perfectly but then i forgot everything when I was giving it ... =s
8. my eye is still swollen up and still itching like hell ...
9. i've gained 1 kilo!!!
10. i fell asleep on the floor without a pillow and now my hand hurts

welll ... im still thinking of more stuff ,... but yeah i guess thats it
what a perfect bad day =(

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