Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Late Night Rants

Today is 19th Ramadhan, one of the three significant nights of Laylatul Qadr nights. It 2:50 am and here I am, online for a few minutes before the people come to our house for the Sehri majlis of Yawm E Zarbat E Imam Ali AS.

Sleep... is what I'm going to rant about. I hardly slept yesterday except for 2 hours in the afternoon. I couldn't sleep at night cause I had to do the Shabe Qadr amaal till like 11:30pm. After that I cleaned up the house, looked after the kids, laid out the sufra etc till like 1:00am. I finally sat down to finish my homework, which took me just half an hour. I was now getting ready to sleep but Dua Joshan E Kabeer was coming on TV and I couldn't help listening to it. I kept falling asleep but my sleep was getting disturbed time to time because of my mom or dad calling me from the kitchen or living room to do little chores and jobs here... that took me another hour. I finished at 2:30. But guess what? Theres no time for me to sleep now because the people are going to come anytime now so I helped my mom in the kitchen for a while and now I'm online.

3:12- People are already here but I'm still online. Yeah cause I need to finish blogging. So the Suhuwr will start now and the majlis at 4:00 and end before Fajr.
When I'm going to get some sleep, I don't know. And I'm even more clueless about how I'm going to stay up during classes at school.


edit: I stayed up throughout the whole majlis. It went went Alhamdillah I'm glad I stayed up. I also bunked school. yay =]


mOi said...

yup it can be a pain in the ass doin chores, plus u cant forget ur obligations >_<
meh like is gettin so stuffed up n boring!!!

Hanah Hamid said...

sleep? thats what i ranted about this week!
you know what happened today? i got home and slept from, 3:30 to 8:30 and even then my mom had to wake me up otherwise id still be asleep.
my sleep cycle is SO messed up