Sunday, November 19, 2006

Okay so today in the schools computer lab ... we were sitting free but the teacher isnt let us go on the internet and she kept telling us to practise MS Access. We've practised it soo much i can make a database and form and all that in like 5 minutes. Thats how good we've become ..yeah!
So me and Khadijah (the girl who was sitting next to me) were getting bored and we didnt have anything to do so we had a conversation on MS Word :D
Purple is me and grey is Khadijah

Okay :]
Hi khadijah how are you?
Iam fine wat abt u
Im fine too … so whats up?
Nm wat abt u
Hmm nothing much trying to go on the internet without the teacher finding out hehe …
Hmmm welll iam sitting beside u nd I can see tat
Are you really there I cant see you o_O

Well u already have 4 eyes now how many u ned (i wear glasses)
Youre so small and minute I think ill have to use a magnifying glass (shes actually NOT small and minute)
What the hell is THAT ?
Fbgrhy5 dunt u know numbers nd alphatbeta
Yeah but what are you trying to say?
Iam trying to full fill ur wish as u asked me to type so I typed tats so simple
Ohhhhh so youre that genie I e-mailed last week?
Shut up
Badtameez! *slap*

Sakina has left the conversation
Khadijah has left the conversation

lol ... so yeah thats what happened today ...
i so badly wanted to go online ...
and i did without her noticing me, its just this good feeling of disobeying a teacher :D
jkes jkes hehe


hanahbutt said...

ooh wow!
khadijah is NOT small and minute from anywhere!

-Floo- said...

Hanah Butt ... its working, see?
i wonder why your comment isnt coming.. :/

is this happening with anyone else?

Karachiite said...

Hii.. u really are a school hater!!!


Oz said...

I'm able to comment :D

-Floo- said...

Yep i just figured out the problem ...
'comment moderation' - i had switched it on, i just dont remember when :/

mOi said...

u mean to say khadijah in 10g5? or someone else, cuz i saws her durin my exams n she is not small lol

-Floo- said...

yep 10g5
yeah shes a good friend of mine :D
lol really sweet girl, shes rough looking thoug hehe