Sunday, October 05, 2008

1 am blogging

I've kind of lost all my writing power cause we're freakin' being taught things like prepositions, clauses in English =S Anyway, I'll get to that later.
Since I got my camera, My blog became less important for me... and I realized that I hadnt blogged for two whole months when I read this: click
Whatever happens, im never ever going to let anything else come in between me and my blog *love*

Oh yeah, and I did finally get a SLR camera =) its awesome.
Then I joined university and made lots of awesome friends.
Then Miss Kitty's box of yay arrived. with my hand puppets, frankiebat, pockethluhu in it
Then it was Ramadhan- which was fun and more ibadah-filled as ever <3
Then there was Eid, which I didnt really enjoy much. except for spending time with my friend and watching lotms =D
Oh, and I've been plushing & drawing occasionally
and taking lots of pictures.
Then madressa started. & Im teaching LKG.

Today was the last day of our one-week eid holiday's, and university starts tomorrow.


Hanah Hamid said...

you said I was in it! Im not mentioned, my lotms is. *angry*

mOi said...

i can imagine u runnin around with ur camera takin pics here n there :D