Thursday, July 24, 2008


Before I started typing, I was just sitting there thinking of how to start. Do you see what summer has done to me? My creativity is dying!
I have to say though, that this summer has been more productive than previous ones!
For one, I've been going swimming! And the other day, I bought myself oil pastels and shading pencils so I could start making some proper art on paper ^_^ I like what I did so far... I think im actually quite good at it! [/endpride]

Summer has also brought along with it my 4neices and a nephew. Thats 5 children living in one room- and that unfortunate little room is mine. All that hard work I put into organizing my bedroom has gone to waste. It is a total mess! And when I say mess, I mean ULTRAMESS!!!!!! I'm also spending an hour everyday to teach my neices/nephews Qur'an and discussin other Islamic issues which they need to know about... PLUS I achieved my goal of watching all of the movies and reading all the books that I couldn't throughout the year. :D

Summer season is also, apparently, Shaadi season. And when there's shaadi's, there's also shopping, spending hours getting ready & socializing! All these weddings are turning me into a freaking social animal! OH MY GOD. I am being brainwashed!
And this is the funny part, I do not know more than half of the people who are getting married. No offence though, but lady, I do not know who you are! so why am I invited to you wedding?
Congratulations&Mabrook to everyone (I know) who got married this summer =] Wishing ya'll a happy married life!

Peace out.


mOi said...

ahh the rush of being in a wedding quite nostalgic as i just had to attend one durin mid march! thats rite a week before my 2 mocks!
its a gr8 experience, but sometimes it makes u realize how great those quiet and peaceful days are...
anyways congrats to whomever it is gettin wedded...

ps: srsly skoon u should atleast know who is gettin married tut tut...

Sana said...

and here I am, wishing I was in India, cuz its wedding season there! That's about the only time I get to dress up!!

Hanah Hamid said...

*has seen everything for herself*