Saturday, May 31, 2008


I can't believe this. I have so much stuff. SO MUCH.
Stuff which includes rough/chat books, papers with silly jokes and doodles, text books, papers!, magazines, activity books, autograph/phone number books, photographs, trinklet boxes, files, accessories, stationery, diaries, phone books, toys, board games, scrapbooking material and a whole lot of other small and large things.

I have a whole shelf full of madressa textbooks, files, papers
and another shelf full of Mujtaba magazines
2 whole shelves full of school books
and 2 more shelves full of photographs!

...all this was buried in my huge cupboard! just lying there being of no use.
I look at that stuff everyday and I dont know what to do with it. I cant throw it away and I cant use it either.
So today, like 2 days before my exam, I chose to organize my cupboard. I threw away a lot of old books and papers which I didn't need. I stacked all the jewellery, stationery and tidbits into shoeboxes.
I need something on which I can display my stuffed toys, some kind of large bin where I can just dump my purses and something to hang my ties and scarves on.

So... im going shoopppiinnggg tonight! :D Im hoping to find one of those pigeon hole hangy net things.
I have my last exam on 13th June and I'm leaving for Iran on the 16th InshaAllah!
Unfortunately, my camera isn't working so i won't be able to take any pictures :(
That makes me a little sad, but atleast I'm going after such a long wait!

Now for more good news :D
My sister's kids are coming from California to spend their summer with us. I'm really happy, no doubt but I am slightly uh, unsure...
I'm seeing them after a really long time, what if they don't like me? Or what if they get all homesick and miserable? What if they start hating me? and worst of all, what if I'm never able to make friends with them and keep losing my temper? =/
oh, I am also getting my sisters old Canon Rebel!!! Its still working all proper and takes amazing pictures. Finally! It also means that daddy doesn't have to spend his hard-earned money on some camers I want and I can use the money that I saved up for other things... maybe some cushions or a proper side-table for my room =)

Peace! <3


Ghadeer said...

Loll this is so funny- great minds think alike ;) I was just telling my mom how I cant wait till the exams are over so that I can organize my room- I know you spent a whole day in my room =p and probably didnt imagine that those small drawers or cupboards would be filled with old books and stuff. But I'm not talking about stuffed toys or madressa books- I've got those useless school txt bks from grade 5 lol or Sweet Valley High or those un-scary Goosebumps books (I cant believe I used to read them)

Im gonna give them all to my school library :halo: lol I just want to get rid of all this junk it's killiiiiinnnggg me

Oh yah, all those past paper booklets I also wanna get rid of them and I'm gonna sell them to my people in my building- my v first business experience (which reminds me of the Young bus. leaders competition of Sheikh Mohd. and the project we were thinking of and now we CAN do it if ur coming to my school for a levels)

Your neices/nephews will so love you, dont worry. Seriously. I wish I had an auntie like you when I was a kid =( Reality bites...

Hanah Hamid said...

1) Pigeon-hole net thingy? CHEATER! =O
2) dont worry about the kids! They'll love you, I'm sure.
3) let's go furniture-hunting together?
4) uh... I need to organise alot of stuff in my room too. Thanks for the painful reminder.

poisonedapple08 said...

Hey Sakku!
Whazzup? I blog too, and I'm more than amazed to see you do too, and so does Hanah! YAY!
check mine out some time
Love you <3

poisonedapple08 said...

Oh and I just finished organising my ENTIRE room yesterday, well, almost. God it feels SO GOOD to throw it all out! The junk is just, lying there! And no matter how often you clean, it's just always, -there- you know?

Richa said...

Hii =] I totally don't know you (well, I might, but I probably haven't noticed till now- that's how it usually is with me) but anyywayss . I've totally come to like your blog, so I shall be your daily blog reader- just a heads up.
Your collection of 'stuff' seems to be only slightly bigger than mine. Wow :O
"I look at that stuff everyday and I dont know what to do with it. I cant throw it away and I cant use it either." -gasp- That's totally what I do- well, except for the fact that I don't look at them EVERY day ( I have stupid EM to worry about) but you get the point
-squeals- You have cousins in CA? :O I looove CA. It's such a brilliant place!Pssh. Thats what I thought when I first met my cousins(hadn't seen them for 8 years) but just be yourself and be ..yeah -sucks at advice- x3 I'm sure that they'll luv ya. They're family

secret.whispers said...

Muse is my life these days.
as well as coldplay and hellogoodbye and, of course, maroon 5!

mOi said...

haha my bookshelf is quiet similar to it...everything is just messed up
my wardrobe is the same everythin is messed up,
few teachers, n family members have also comment that my handriting is messed up....
lol i just cant be organized, hehe
n wth is a "pigeon hole hangy net things" haha the only thing i can picture in my mind is a dreamcatcher :P.
n wow gettin a rebel?! thats even better than the one i've got, awesome floo! lookin foward to seein more pics from you

Floo said...

@Ghadeer: omg seriously? I still have all those goosebumps, sweet valley and enid blyton books lol I never wanna give them away!
lol I'm too lazy to go around selling books I justdonated them to the Satwa Mosque

@Hanah: furniture hunting? COME BACK!

@Richa: Yeah California is a pretty place I loves hehe. Yeah its not always easy to be myself when there are other around who are better than me! D:

@Gogo: Yah just like a week left for me to get my new camera omg yaya! Its like a hanging thing made out of net with holes in it to store things