Monday, March 24, 2008

What is up with these people nowadays??

Yeah so...
I'm not sure how to start this though =/
DISCLAIMER: this post is my views, my thoughts, my rants... Just so you know I am not an expert and I'm just thinking out loud.

What I don't get is... how all of sudden in the past erm, 5 years maybe? all these theories and doubts and opinions have come up about Azadari and Ibadah and whatnot from people who think they have the flippin' authority to make up fatwas!
I mean things like:
"Zanjeer Zani is Haraam"
"Nad E Ali is inauthentic"

both these statements have been proved wrong. yep.
these mistakes happen Just because of the few annoying so called self proclaimmed ayatollahs all over the internet and (this is true) in our own society brainwashing people against traditional and very authentic and halaal Shiáh Islamic practices.

We have people saying things like "We should stop having Alams, Mehndi, tabooth in our Azakhaanas. Its Haraam We should stop Zanjeer Zani and Qama Zani. it is Haraam!" Where were all these people last year? and then they claim that Marja's have forbidden it (NOT) and give some very superficial, baseless arguements against it all... the most common is "it gives people the wrong image about shiaism... that we worship Alams and tabooth and that we hurt ourselves" dude, it didn't give them a wrong impression for so many years, why would it give them a wrong impression NOW?? then... its "because of 9/11" lmao and the funniest thing is that after 9/11 there have been a majority of people converting to Islam/Shiaism even after seeing graphic zanjeer and Qama picture. IN YER FACE vatt you say now, huh??

If we Shiáhs can't agree on the one thing that keeps us united (Hussayniat and Azadari), I mean, i don't know what will happen now...
In Dubai itself we have atleast 5 different Shiáh groups:
1) The Neutral ones.
2) Ya Ali Madad/ Malangite
3) Akhbari
4) Anti-Azadari
5) I know better than you

Now, I will explain each of the groups as how I see them or have observed them.:
1) The Neutral ones....
People who pray, do azadari, live life. =]
Doesn't need much explanation.. does it??

2) Ya Ali Madad/ Malangite:
People whos life is alllll azadari! No Ibadah, no Namaz, No Hijab... just matam.
Have their own modified version of Religion, do it however you feel comfortable...
Instead of 'Salam Aleikum' they have 'Ya Ali Madad'... They're not Alavi's though.
and btw, this ain't the proper definition of Malang... just the extremely modified one =S the actual Malangs are people like Hassan Nasrallah, the marja's, Ahmedinejad and in the older days Malik E Ashtar, Salman E Farsi, Mesum E Tammar etc.People who would give their life for Imam Ali and who would be ready to take lives of people who insulted Imam Ali BUT the same people would control their anger and stop themselves if Imam ordered them to... The kind of people who would jump into a furnace without a question when Imam ordered them to.

3) Akhbari:
I don't know much about them but basically, they don't do Taqleed and um, curse and swear at Marja's and Ayatollah's.

4) Anti-Azadari:
AHA! the group I'm trying to aim with the whole post at... these are NOT, NOT the people who sit at the majalises and recite duas while the marsiyas are going on and suddenly jump up and listen when the recitor sits on the mimbar or who start panicking when they can hear the adhaan and it is time for prayer during the masaaíb (they're just people who belong in the Neutral group but prefer duas and tasbeeh more...)
BUT Anti-Azadari people are those who would rather stay at home reciting duás or praying rather than go to majlis because "those practices take place" Anti-Azadari people are those who claim that Zanjeer Zani and Qama Zani ar haraam and who WILL NOT FLIPPIN STOP trying to convince others that it is Haraam goooossshhh!!! D= leave us alone! People who try to discourage Alams, Mehndi, Tabooth, Oud, Jhoola etc and now that people have started to be easily convinced, they have started "preaching" more openly. But remember, the more you stop it, the more it will happpen... it will not stop. get that.

5) I know better than you:
People who are self proclaimed ayatollahs and think they can say anything they want and people will believe it...
I mean, because of these people, others have started doubting the authenticity of Nad E Ali, Dua E Tawassul and Dua E Kumayl... Unbelievable!!

I don't really know what I'm trying to say... Its just a rant. so yepp. I don't want it to be like this why cant we all be One. The Shiah of Ali. Why do we need to always oppose each others opinions. WHY WHY WHY ae we believing and getting brainwashed by the people who do not want any good for us?!?!? Why should you change your views about traditional and religious practices which have been going on for almost forever, now??
I'm not an expert at all this... but I know enough to tell that we will all end up fighting each other instead of fighting the enemies! and guess whos gonna appear later and later than Hes supposed to?

ps: PEACE YO!!! <3


*kisa said...

seriously...i can not even imagine my life without like automatically flows from my lips before an exam, a game....everything.

Anonymous said...

Assalaamu alaikom,

You said: If we Shiáhs can't agree on the one thing that keeps us united (Hussayniat and Azadari),

The one thing that should keep the Shias together is Salaat. But unfortunately we don't build masajids for Salaat (they're rarely open all day long for people to come and make their salaats). I don't know how it is where you are, but here every group is divided by language, culture, political views (pro-khamanie, anti-khamanie, etc etc). There are even several centres (completely independent of one another) in one building, but they don't even pray salaat together. I think we can disagree on many many things, but the one thing we can never disagree on is Salaat. So why not let that be what unites us all?

Masalaama :)

Anonymous said...

To add to your post:
[b] Anti Azadaari [/b] are also the ones who claim to gain knowledge and reasoning (along with dua, tasbeehat and praying in all manners)is everything.

They are particularly the people who keep talking about 'philosophy' and 'logic', eventually driving others [b] away from iffat, adhmat, maslehat and mo'jezaat! [/b]

Hamid said...

mm i consider myself a neutral shia but i am also thinking about the anti azadari, i blieve its pointless and the idea of tawheed of shias under azadari banner is not a good idea, i think there are lot of cons to it that pros. its good to have duas and everything together but the azadari part and especially the qama zani is just wrong and against scripts of Quran (its haram since we are hurting ourselves intentionally)

Anonymous said...

"Where were all these people last year?"
"it gives people the wrong image about shiaism"
"it didn't give them a wrong impression for so many years, why would it give them a wrong impression NOW??"

Heya hun.....
The world's becoming a much smaller place - shias are increasing in number, islam is in the spot light for all the wrong reasons. therefore it is our responsibility to ensure that we protect the image of islam:

If a father is willing to do qam on his 1 year old child - why then will he think twice before killing a hundred people?
I know better, I know the reason, because I'm shia - but what does the world know? Shias are spread out all over the world, not just in muslim states. And what the world thinks, sees on the internet, is that muslims are violent. Muslims living in these countires are unnecessarily targeted. whether you live in the west or the east, it is your responsibility to think global and the impact your actions, thoughts, words will have.

10 years ago we didnt have widespread use of the internet, you didnt see children with qams and men with swords cutting themselves. Now all you have to do is type shia in google images to see pictures like that. And without reading further people decide that, this is all what shia's are about.

hadi said...

I read your post and really enjoyed ...really enjoyed when see your ardor and worry about your religion .
I agree with your opinion but dear sister , please be careful . it is very important issue .
I hope to not be " I know better than you " !!! one . try to say the opinions of our maraje that I get them from their ESTEFTAE's .
: 1_خامنه ای ( اجوبه الاستفتائات س 1461 )
امام خمینی ، الاستفتائات جلد 3 صفحه 37
فاضل ، جامع المسائل
... and other maraje that I dont think you know them . they dont say Qama Zani is harram But they say : we must not to do it .
dear sakina , be careful please . islam and shia is not a static religion that it's ahkam only reach from quran and hadith . shia a use عقل and اجماع further more . and that is why our religion is dynamic . in shia we have some social ahkam . a normal work that is not haram , sometimes may be haram by order of marjae . and sister I researched about this (qame zani )I think nowadays is not comparable with many years later :
any families have tv..
any families have internet..
the books will published more,and many things that cause smallest aspect of our live be noticeable by others .
Sakina , we have enemies that doing every thing against our religion specially Shia . vahabi's , ZIONISTs , and ... . the whole channels and internet is for them. and guess what happened !! what happend when one in other countries that dont know anything about Islam , see the picture of a child that his head is rip and blood is .... . it is so simple !! they said to each other :"what a horrid work . what a loathsome .."
I see this reflection own .

and you say :"why would it give them a wrong impression NOW?? then... its "because of 9/11" lmao and the funniest thing is that after 9/11 there have been a majority of people converting to Islam/Shiaism even after seeing graphic zanjeer and Qama picture. IN YER FACE vatt you say now, huh??"
sis , I accept that converting to Islam is grown up BUT dont you think If we be a more careful about some behaviors , more people convert to Islam and shia .? I dont say that : azadari is haram. azadari for Hussain and ahle bait is the most important thing in our religion . but in this situation we can modify it so it dont help our Enemies .
and for the last : think about it that : when MAHDI come , apply the true Islam . at those days deviance in islam is like the people will say : MAHDI bring new religion !!! ( and a lot of Muslims will war against him )

Zea said...

Thanks for writing this.

hydroman said...

Kudos on a profound observation. I've written about this before also. The key (which is apparent even from the people posting above me) is that all the people in every category think they're right. It requires a bit of strategic conflict resolution to counter the changes.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

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