Thursday, January 10, 2008

Day out with Daddy x]

9th January 2007
The most dreaded parents consultation day was here, and dad picked me up from home at 10am. Off we went to school so my teachers could tell daddy how talkative, unorganized and inattentive I was :[ We reached and 'Fast Lane Express', a band from our school was playing 'Punk Rock 101'. Daddy didn't like the loud music but I was silently singing along. The music (along with my smile) slowly faded away as we made our way to my class. All the teachers said "She has the ability to gain better marks, only if she worked harder..." i work harder and harder everytime but improve very less.

I was tired and upset and wanted to go home, but daddy had some work to do, now that we were already in Dubai.
So we made three more stops before going home...
Our first task was to pick up the old parcham/flag of Karbala, Of the Dome of the Shrine of Imam Hussain (AS) from a particular short, bearded Iranian man, Agha E Mohsini who has owned the flag for quite a few years.

Next, We went to the Jupiter Airlines office because Daddy had to book tickets for the next Karbala trip on Arbaeen. Here, we were supposed to meet Mr. Hussain- someone who daddy calls his friend and younger brother. Apparently, the younger brother was a chain smoker and looked like a mob, wearing gold rings and a leather jacket. When we entered his office, there was smoke everywhere and the smell of the cigarettes gave me a horrible headache :(

Our next stop was my environmentalist and inventor grandfather (my dada's brother), Ghulam Ali Sajanlal, who everyone calls "Chief". I like going to his house because he always has awesome new things to show me :] and he says I'm the only one in the family who actually appreciates and understands his work <3 aw. He has a whole awesome 'garden' in his balcony and he used like, pipes as pots for his flowers. cool, huh?
Invention 1
Invention 2
Invention 3
Invention 4

It was 4:00pm by the time we dropped the parcham off at the Imambargah and finally, reached home. *sigh*


Hanah Hamid said...

i love the pipe-pots. he should totally meet my dad and invent awesome things and become designing partners ^_^
Punk Rock 101? i didnt know they knew bowling for soup Existed! =O

mOi said...

well i m sure thats wat all the teachers must have said but then they dunno how hard we try! >_<
anyways i luv the pipe pots the whole idea is soo creative n versatile, my sis might luv this too since shes a big fan of gardenin n plants n stuff.