Friday, April 06, 2007

Milad Un Nabi

Eid Mubarak to everyone on the wilaadat of Prophet Muhammed (sawaw) and Imam Ja'far E Sadiq (AS)!! =]

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Pearls Of Wisdom
Prophet Muhammad (sawaw)
*The ink of the scholar is more holy than the blood of the martyr.
*He who travels in the search of knowledge, to him God shows the way of Paradise.
*Deal gently with people, and be not harsh; cheer them and condemn not.
*The best of friends is he who is best in behavior and character.
*Whoever loves to meet God, God loves to meet him.

Imam Ja'far Al Sadiq (AS)
* Knowledge is a shield, truthfulness is might, ignorance is abasement, understanding is glory, generosity is success, good behavior causes friendship, he who has knowledge about his time ambiguous things do not attack him, and determination is mistrust.
* There are three kinds of people: The scholars, the seekers of knowledge and all the others are a waste of humanity.
* The most perfect of men in intellect is the best of them in ethics.
* Verily, knowledge is a lock and its key is the question.
* If you are not patient, then pretend to be patient.

Weehh ... I have my spring break. yay. ends on the 14th so I have time to finish allllll my pending work. I already finished writing the Karbala Diaries. I just have to get over with my shopping and then start studying for my exams!!! :O
-sk00n =^.^=


mOi said...

heres one by me
education is a waste, if u dunno how to utilize it in ur practical life.

god i still have to start up with my hw gah!!

-Floo- said...

That makes a lot of sense... not only Education but any sort ok knowledge is for utilizing, for applying it in your life. When you don't utilize it, its like hearing something but not listening to it.

Unpredictable-Shadow said...

Mubarak beautiful!

-Floo- said...

Oye people ... I got two new booksss yayy. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini and The Zahir by Paulo Coelho :D :D