Thursday, January 04, 2007

Year 2007

The start of this New Year was one of the best for me ...
I was in the Haram of Imam Hussain (AS) and we ladies had just gotten permission to do ziyarat of the mens side where Hazrat Ali Akber was buried.

This trip to Kerbala was really an amazing one. We had really nice people with us- very cooperative, and Meer Hasan had joined us too so we had a lot of azadari too and wonderful nauhas, We got to clean the zari, the floors and the walls of the shrine of Imam Ali (AS)!!!
and then Saddam's exection ... oh you should've seen the joy on the faces of the Iraqis there!

Oh well, got back on the 1st and Im missing it already :/
And thats it, the hols are almost over .. madressa starts on the 6th and school will start the next day. :(
waaaahhhh... I dont wanna go back to school!
Aaaanndd ... Eid E Ghadeer is coming up and after zat, Moharram- Majlis, Matam and Knowledge for 2 whole months!!
InshaAllah this new year will go well.
Eid Mubarak and Happy New Year to everyone!!!

Skoon :]


mOi said...

yah i know skool sux,plus u have madressa work....i wonder when u get the time for relaxation.

Karachiite said...

InshaAllah Zyarat Qubool.. mashaAllah u r lucky.. many people left for Iraq this mth in UAE.

happy new year, Eid mubarak..

Ali said...

lucky you ... i wish i can go there some day ... may be till things cool down there

Sarah said...

You are so incredibly lucky to have gone to Karbala! Gosh, I wish I could go there someday, InshAllah!!!